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Our Team

We understand that life is just hard at times, and each of us journey through difficult and rocky seasons. We are a team of professionals dedicated to providing a genuine and caring environment for therapy. This allows our clients to embrace the pain that is a necessary part of change and move forward with confidence.  It is our desire to help you develop the tools to find healing from the past, understand yourself more deeply in the present, and look to the future with hope. 

We are a faith-based counseling center in Colorado Springs. Our seasoned therapists have received their education through both accredited universities and life experience, allowing them to authentically relate to their clients.  We serve kids, teens, individuals and couples.

Life's Journey Counseling Colorado Springs holding hands empathy

Our specialities include:

●      Grief and loss

●      Trauma

●      Childhood attachment wounds

●      Anxiety

●      Depression

●      Play therapy

●      Marriage

●      Divorce recovery

●      EMDR

Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.

Brene Brown


Our Colorado Springs based team of counselors

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