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Life's Journey Counseling Colorado Springs


It takes courage and strength to ask for help. You have taken the first step toward growth and healing. Our team of therapists is here to guide you through this season of your journey.


Every journey  begins with a single step - Maya Angelou

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The Benefits of Therapy

Therapy can be an effective tool in providing you with the necessary support to overcome the challenges you face. By seeking therapy, you are choosing to take responsibility for what is not working in your life.  

It can help you:

  • Change patterns of thinking that impact how you view the world

  • Handle overwhelming emotions like grief, anger, fear, anxiety, and depression

  • Heal the wounds of the past

  • Strengthen your sense of self

  • Enhance your relationship skills

About Our Services


We recognize your need for convenience and safety.  We offer confidential in-person and virtual sessions.

While our practice does not take insurance, we do accept FSA/HSA cards and offer our clients super bills to submit to their own insurance companies for reimbursement.  In addition, we have the option of financial aid based on need.

Our free 25 minute consultation provides you the benefit of connecting with a counselor to make sure you find the fit you need.

In working with all kinds of trauma, we have highly qualified EMDR therapists who have been trained and certified through EMDRIA.

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Meet our Team

We are a team of professionals dedicated to providing an authentic and caring environment that will allow our clients to embrace the pain that is a necessary part of change and move forward with hope and confidence.

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7750 N. Union Blvd. Ste 202

Colorado Springs, CO 80920



You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending. 

 C.S. Lewis

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